What is an online ticketing system?

An online ticketing system streamlines how you communicate with your customers. Unlike email, it does not require the set up of multiple folder structures and color coded tags to prioritize and track relevant customer queries. It brings in customer conversations from multiple channels like phone, email, and social media into a single, easily accessible location where you get all the context you need. A good help desk ticketing system also lets you automate routine support tasks to increase the efficiency of your team and reduce excessive workload.

Master multi-channel communication

A good helpdesk ticketing system provides a common platform for handling all customer conversations. You can manage customer interactions over channels like email, phone, live chat, and social media, all in a single place. you can do with your tickets in Tritcal international.

Increase efficiency with automation

With a ticketing system, automating routine tasks to improve your team’s productivity is a breeze. From assigning tickets to a particular agent, to creating preset responses for frequently asked questions, to defining escalation rules if deadlines aren’t met, a helpdesk makes it all easy.

Make self-service easier for customers

A support ticketing system should have an in-built knowledge base that lets you publish detailed solution articles and resources which customers can use to find important information about your product. This will also reduce their need to reach out to your support team every time.